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Depressive Symptoms and Journal Depression

cent: Out of 13,000 people they surveyed, about 7.6 per cent overall said they felt depressive symptoms, while only 1.5 per cent of chocolate-eaters in that group reported feeling those symptoms, according to CTV. The study, published in journal Depression and Anxiety, also found that people who consumed between 104 and 454 grams of dark chocolate per day were 57 per cent less likely to have depressive symptoms than those who abstained from chocolate. Those who ate dark chocolate were less likely to report depressive symptoms, according to researchers from University College London, in collaboration with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Canada. These results provide some evidence that consumption of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, may be associated with reduced odds of clinically relevant depressive symptoms, the authors said in the study's abstract. The teams had set out to find any link between chocolate and people's moods. According to the research, there was no such link between depressive symptoms and eating milk or white chocolate. ( As reported in the news.