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Ctv News: E-Petitions and Ban Cartoons

ctv news: Everything from a request for Canada to label Putin a war criminal to a call to ban cartoons on products such as cereal boxes have graced the pages of the e-petition portal, according to CTV. While some e-petitions flounder, others get thousands of signatures providing a peek at the public's pulse when it comes to issues on Canadians' minds. If the petition gets more than 500 signatures, the government is forced to issue an official response within 45 calendar days. CTV News has combed through the e-petitions from this parliamentary session to find out which five e-petitions convinced the most Canadians to sign their name and to look at what the government had to say in response. The popularity of an e-petition also isn't necessarily an indicator of broad public support, as factors including social media and news coverage can bloat the number of signatures. 5 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Sharia law Sponsor Conservative MP James Bezan Number of signatures 57,731 Derrick James from Winnipeg brought forward the fifth most popular e-petition on the parliamentary petition portal in March 2017. Disclaimer e-petitions aren't necessarily a reflection of the views of the politician who sponsored it, as politicians generally sponsor any e-petition brought forward by their constituents. ( As reported in the news.