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Starbucks Canada: Cup and Mcdonalds Canada

starbucks canada: I always wanted to do the right thing, Feistner said, according to National Observer. I have to try so I can sleep better at night, I've got to do something. So they decided to spend a few more cents per cup so that customers of the caf on Toronto's eastside could sip their on-the-go lattes and cappuccinos from biodegradable cups. A plastic-free cup from Kotkamills could help cheaply solve Canada's throwaway coffee cup problem -- so why are Tim Hortons, Starbucks Canada, Second CupCanada and McDonalds Canada dragging their feet 5th Estate sips espressos and investigates But a couple of years later, he learned the city does not collect and sort the throwaway items into compost and they instead end up in landfill. City officials say they have always used an anaerobic digestion process that cannot break down the cups. Feistner's well-meaning efforts to reduce his livelihood's waste output were foiled. ( As reported in the news.