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Refugee Movements: Consumeristic Celebration and Series Years

refugee movements: Yet, in the frenzy of consumeristic celebration, we risk leaving behind those most marginalised within the LGBT community, according to Rabble. That is the case of LGBT refugees, as the one we recently saw in BBC's recent series Years and Years. To make these year's Pride festivals even more special, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising is being celebrated as well. The series depicts a not so distant dystopia, full of rabble-rousing politicians, military interventions, refugee movements, nuclear conflicts, omnipresent technology, and glaring socio-economic inequality. Sexual minorities who claim asylum the UK are often treated appallingly some are detained indefinitely without having committed any crime, they are barred from working no matter how long their asylum claim takes, and good legal representation is hard to find. In this daunting scenario we meet Viktor Goraya, a gay man escaping torture and persecution in Ukraine seeking international protection as a refugee in the mpu mobile top mpu tablet Years and Years gets many things right. ( As reported in the news.