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Malaysia Show: Show and Hamidi Adam

malaysia show: I'm sorry to the fans that came out to the Malaysia show, she wrote in an Instagram post, according to CTV. I was detained and arrested midway through my set and...confined in a living hell. The 20-year-old Pretty Girl singer, who found fame after posting videos on social media, was doing a show at a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall on June 21 when she was detained. Kuala Lumpur immigration chief Hamidi Adam said she was arrested for failing to have the correct permit for an artist performing in Malaysia. She wants to do a show in our country, she has to apply for a professional visit pass, he told AFP. But the organizer did not listen to advice and they proceeded with the show. Immigration officers detained her after a tip-off and she was released the following day, he said. ( As reported in the news.