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Post Millennial and Party

cbc: The digital logic of social media allows for inventive ways to get noticed, and demands a particular set of skills that third-party groups are wielding with notable success, according to NOW Magazine. The Post Millennial is the latest to join a network of online organizations with clear ties to the Conservative Party of Canada. And it's not just bots promoting fake Trudeau Must Go hashtags on Twitter doing the damage. In June, an investigative report by CBC revealed that many of the writers and staff employed by the website, which describes itself as centre-right and non-partisan, have campaigned and worked for the party. Ballingall also did a two-year stint at Sun Media, part of the Postmedia chain of newspapers the largest in the country that owns the National Post. Jeff Ballingall, The Post Millennial's chief marketing officer, was employed as a video specialist for the Conservative caucus under Stephen Harper, and served as a communications manager for Jim Prentice, the former Harper cabinet minister and Alberta premier. ( As reported in the news.