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Atmosphere: Information Atmosphere and Climate Crisis

atmosphere: Particularly now, as we are headed into a federal election and when the window is closing on our opportunity to lessen the climate crisis, our joint mission of keeping the environment we live in front and centre in the national conversation is so pressing, according to National Observer. The information atmosphere is clouded as never before by disinformation and our job as journalists has never been more pressing. Three years ago, when Mike came to work with us not quite a year after National Observer launched we could never have imagined that the organization would grow as much or as quickly as it has to become as important and significant as it is today in Canada.I know that the core strength of National Observer comes from you, the thousands of readers and subscribers who encourage our work, who understand the urgency of what we're trying to do and who believe in the power of journalism to protect our democracy and hold corporations and government accountable to ordinary people like you and me. In his time at National Observer, Mike really took our mission to heart and made a significant difference with his reporting from coast to coast on a range of issues. After winning honours for multiple awards, including a Canadian Association of Journalism award for investigative reporting as well as a Michener Award Citation of Merit, Mike has also brought distinction to his work with other reporters, providing invaluable mentorship and editorial support, and putting ethics, accuracy and fairness first. In countless investigations, he exposed weak government oversight of the oil and gas industry and he uncovered inappropriate actions by federal officials involved in the review of major pipeline projects such as Energy East and the Trans Mountain expansion. ( As reported in the news.