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Ont .,: Wickens and Neck Fracture

ont .,: Wickens has posted periodic updates on his recovery following a horrific August crash during an Indy Car race at Pocono, according to CTV. He suffered a thoracic spinal fracture, spinal cord injury, neck fracture, tibia and fibula fractures to both legs, fractures in both hands, a fractured right forearm, fractured elbow, four fractured ribs and a pulmonary contusion. The 30-year-old driver for Guelph, Ont., announced the news Monday in a video on his Twitter feed. Wickens says he'll drive an Acura NSX with hand controls provided by Arrow, and he says he plans on going fast. I can't wait to get a helmet on and go around in an amazing car. I get to basically be pole position for the race, which is a blast, Wickens said. ( As reported in the news.