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Executive Chair: Demarco and Review Tribunal

executive chair: DeMarco has served as the longtime executive chair for the Environmental and Land Tribunal and as associate chair for the Conservation Review Board and Environmental Review Tribunal an independent and impartial body that makes decisions on environmental permits and assessments, and was recently recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme for its best practices, according to National Observer. It's a fantastic choice, said Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence, who has known DeMarco for some 25 years. Environmentalists are applauding the appointment, noting that DeMarco brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that could serve him well, depending on how the environment office in the auditor general's office is allowed to function. I'm really happy he's filling that role. It shows that they are filling the position vacated by Dianne Saxe former environmental commissioner seriously, Gray added. I think everyone is interested in seeing the degree of independence and effectiveness the office will have now ... but having DeMarco there would bode well for the office. ( As reported in the news.