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Trade: Trade Agreement and Trump

trade: Working towards certainty on continental trade uncertainty Trump foisted an acrimonious renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Canada and Mexico, and after more than a year of hard bargaining, everyone survived, according to CTV. The leaders of the three countries signed the deal late last year but final legal ratification remains a significant hurdle -- especially in the United States. Here are five things to take away from the day 1. Trump has insulted Pelosi, who essentially holds the cards on ratification because she controls the agenda in one house of Congress. We likely won't know for weeks how successful Trudeau was in persuading Pelosi. Still, Trump sounded upbeat in a meeting in the Oval Office, figuring that Pelosi and the Democrats would ultimately back the deal, and made a point to highlight Trudeau's meeting with her after their confab, calling it a terrific thing. ( As reported in the news.