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Climate Change: Environment and Plan

climate change: A carbon tax is not one of them, nor is a ban on single-use plastics, according to CTV. Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, delivered twice weekly to your inbox and every day during the election Scheer's plan is billed as one that will conserve the environment, protect children from the effects of climate change which the Conservatives state is a real and urgent problem and further lower emissions without taking money out of Canadians' pockets. The 60-page plan A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment provided to reporters in advance includes more than 50 policy proposals aimed at supporting green technology innovation, and protecting the environment. However, the plan, previously described by Scheer as the most comprehensive policy announcement by an opposition party in Canadian history, does not include any estimates on how much the wide-ranging ideas within the plan would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or contribute to meeting the Paris Agreement commitment of holding global warming below 2 C and pursuing efforts to keep global warming below 1.5 C. Despite this, Scheer is reasserting his party's commitment to meeting the Paris targets. Months later he appeared to walk that back, instead saying his plan would have meaningful reductions. This had been in question over the last year, since he said on CTV's Question Period last April that he would deliver a climate plan ahead of the 2019 election that would meet the Paris Agreement, without a carbon tax. ( As reported in the news.