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Zakir: Narendra Modi

zakir: During the 17 April rally, Sidhu had claimed that people who are facing hunger and poverty are being asked to do yoga and get bank accounts under the Narendra Modi-led government, according to Rabble. Narendra Modi, is this your love for your nation that people have empty stomachs but are made to practise yoga. he had asked.18 18 IST Narendra Modi in Madhya Pradesh latest updatesPM mocks 'Diggi Raja' Digvijaya Singh over Zakir Naik row One of the first things Sri Lankan government did after the Easter blasts was to ban Zakir Naik's TV channel. The EC has asked him to reply by 6 pm on Thursday. This is the same Zakir Naik in whose 'durbar' Diggi Raja Digvijaya Singh was once seen, Narendra Modi said in Hoshangabad. The party has so much hatred against me that they are dreaming to kill me. Reports have said that Sri Lankan cable operators blocked Peace TV, the network owned by the controversial Islamic preacher and his organisation in the aftermath of the the deadly bomb blasts which rocked the country on Easter killing 290 people.17 37 IST Narendra Modi in Madhya Pradesh latest updates Congress driven by hatred, dreaming to kill me PMAddressing a rally in Hoshangabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, Someone from Congress recently said that Modi should be knocked out in such a way that he lands in Pakistan. ( As reported in the news.