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Voter Lists: Finance Committee and Voter

voter lists: It is not clear how many of these people could have fraudulently cast a ballot in the 2015 campaign, though the register these names appear on is what informs the voter lists, meaning they could have received voter identification cards telling them they were eligible to vote, according to CTV. However, a voter information card alone cannot be used as a valid piece of identification at the polls. Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault told the Senate National Finance Committee on Tuesday that his office has identified these names on the registered list of qualified electors and will be removing them before the 2019 federal election. That is not something that we want obviously, because it appears as an invitation to vote, Perrault told Elections Canada is still looking into the matter to determine this, and try to establish how these names ended up on the register in the first place. It would require considerable analysis to determine whether these potentially fraudulent votes would have affected the election result. ( As reported in the news.