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Video Referencing: Freedom Report and Muslim Leaders

video referencing: In 2018, he ran for mayor of Mississauga, Canada's sixth largest city, and finished in second place with 13.5 percent of the vote, according to National Observer. He has also created videos targeting Muslim leaders in government including Liberal MP Iqra Khalid and worked with Rebel Media. Kevin Johnston is a 47-year-old man who runs the Freedom Report a network of sites that frequently shared anti-Muslim views. Full disclosure he has also made a video referencing this reporter. That same year he was charged with a hate crime after a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents reported to police involving him and the information he spreads on his social media. In 2017, he offered a 1,000 prize to anyone who could send him a video of Muslim students praying in high schools, so he could put a stop to it. ( As reported in the news.