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Canadians: Livestreamed Murder and Fight Misinformation

canadians: Thoughts and prayers in response to a tragedy must be complemented by more concrete action, he said. ; I believe that when 51 people are murdered, and the whole world can watch it happen in real time, that's exactly the time to talk policy, according to National Observer. In his speech, the prime minister also spoke about the need to fight misinformation in the lead up the federal elections this year. He likened the current digital landscape to the Wild West and said that the livestreamed murder of 51 citizens in two mosques in New Zealand on March 15 was the final straw. Canadians, and only Canadians, will choose their next government. In his speech, the prime minister pointed the blame squarely at digital content providers for poorly policing online disinformation. We'll make sure of that, he said, pointing to the federal task force set up in February to mitigate foreign interference in the elections. ( As reported in the news.