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Tuesday Plante: Bill and Plante

tuesday plante: What I want is to influence the bill at this point, according to CTV. How about we see it differently How about we begin with the principle that Quebec is a secular state and that it is okay this way and that all the institutions and laws are so strong that we don't have to go against individual freedoms and liberties and rights said Plante. Mayor Valerie Plante knows the CAQ government will plow ahead with Bill 21, but said the legislation will target Montreal and its residents much more than other regions of the province Before testifying in front of MNAs on Tuesday Plante published an open letter opposing Bill 21 pointing out that Quebec's laws are already secular. She warned the CAQ government that its proposal risks destroying the social fabric of the province by pitting the fears of the majority against the rights of the minority because it will exclude citizens from exercising their constitutional rights and participating fully in society. I strongly believe that diversity, in whatever form, contributes to our society, wrote Plante. Ultimately, I consider it our duty to protect the minorities of which our society is made, whether they are sexual, linguistic, cultural or religious. ( As reported in the news.