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Strike Success: Strike and Labour Leaders

strike success: Dupuis said the strike was organized by labour leaders with fresh memories of strike success after a 1918 general strike in Winnipeg lasted four weeks, according to CTV. Because the war was on, the federal government sort of forced the employers to agree to the terms of the strikers, said Dupuis. On the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike, author and historian Michael Dupuis tells CTV News what prompted the strike and how what appeared to be a failure at the time served as an important lesson in the labour movement which helped it gain power and traction afterward. And that emboldened labour, they figured that if that tactic worked, a year later, it also would work. Because the war was over and now the city fathers were not going to be as easily persuaded to agree. But they were misguided, said Dupuis. ( As reported in the news.