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Suicide Bombings: Security Forces and Defence Forces

suicide bombings: The government shut down some social media, armed security forces patrolled the largely deserted, central streets in the capital of Colombo, and a curfew went into effect, according to CTV. The military was given a wider berth to detain and arrest suspects -- powers that were used during the civil war but withdrawn when it ended. The suicide bombings struck three churches and three luxury hotels Sunday in the island nation's deadliest violence since a devastating civil war ended in 2009. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he feared the massacre could unleash instability and he vowed to vest all necessary powers with the defence forces to act against those responsible. No injuries were reported. Adding to the tension, three unexploded bombs blew up Monday inside a van parked near one of the stricken churches as police were trying to defuse them, sending pedestrians fleeing in panic. ( As reported in the news.