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Apc Abt: Vice President and Candidate Atiku

apc abt: After serving as the Vice President of this Country for 8 yrs, according to Rabble. Makes mockery of Naija as a Nation,Its politicians do not care abt the public perception of its actions & utterances. The public statements eminating frm the Camps of the political parties, especially the APC abt the eligiblity of the PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku to contest for the office of the President of Nigeria in the just concluded Presidential election. Which makes this Country to look like Banana Republic b4 the international Communities.I pray that God shall give the Justices at the President-ial Election Tribunal,the wisdom & independent minf to be fort right to resist bribery,coersion or intimadation frm any quarters to be firm to do justice on the Court Case b4 them wtout favour,ill will or Parochial considerations,As expected by well meaning Nigerians,irrespective of party affiliation or other mundane Considerations. ! Reply ( As reported in the news.