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Passerelle: Passerelle i.d.e

passerelle: Leonie Tchatat and Guy Taffo run the non-profit La Passerelle I.D.E. In promotional material, the agency says it specializes in building bridges between forward thinking companies and talented Francophone newcomers, according to Toronto Star. La Passerelle I.D.E. Low-income kids Well, Leonie and Guy have used the tickets, and their family, and many of us in the office, said one insider at the non-profit the couple runs, called La Passerelle I.D.E. Toronto Raptors and Blue Jay games, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift concerts are among the tickets that have been misused. The couple, Leonie Tchatat and Guy Taffo, run a government-funded agency that receives thousands of dollars worth of tickets from a Toronto charity on the condition they will be used to give low-income youth under the age of 18 a special night out. The charity that donated the tickets, Kids Up Front, is investigating and said no tickets have gone to La Passerelle since the Star began making inquiries in February. Seven insiders at La Passerelle all staff, former staff or people who worked on projects for the non-profit say the donated tickets were often in rows close to the action or in a corporate box. You just go and ask, are there any good tickets today said another insider at La Passerelle, who described to the Star a free-for-all atmosphere over the last two years at the non-profit's office at Yonge and Carlton Sts. ( As reported in the news.