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Palace Intrigues: West Wing and House Post

palace intrigues: The former investment banker and executive chairman of far-right Breitbart News became one of the leading ideologues of Trumpism building a creed that allied American nativism with the language of European far-right nationalism and helped push Trump toward his improbable electoral victory in 2016, according to Rabble. In the months after palace intrigues forced him out of the West Wing, Bannon remained close to figures within the administration and even closer to the world of journalists who report on it. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post Though Stephen K. Bannon left his White House post as President Trump's chief strategist more than a year and a half ago, the shadow he casts over Western politics has hardly faded. Bannon extended his brand as both populist soothsayer and rabble-rouser across the Atlantic, offering support to a constellation of far-right, ultranationalist and anti-immigrant parties across Europe. This populist-nationalist revolt is a worldwide phenomenon,'' Bannon told Bloomberg News last December, adding that the upcoming elections were a historic moment. His listening tours and speeches last year in Britain, France, Italy, Hungary and elsewhere attracted large numbers of mainstream journalists, whose stories placed Bannon at the heart of a far-right insurgency that seeks to blow up the status quo in European parliamentary elections this May. ( As reported in the news.