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News Outlet: Action Committee and Party Advertiser

news outlet: United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood In an interview with writer Stuart Thomson that ran in the National Post over the weekend, Kenney suggested that the online news outlet, which makes no secret of its ties to the pro-New Democrat Broadbent Institute, is not a legit media outlet, but a de facto political action committee and third party advertiser, according to Rabble. The NDP, if they can't get mainstream media to pick up on their research, they just email it over to Press Progress to breathlessly write it up, he argued. The site also provided regular bulletins on allegations of irregularities in the inaugural UCP leadership race, including claims of voter fraud and accusations that the eventual victor and now incoming premier Jason Kenney's campaign had covertly cooperated with one of his ostensible rivals, otherwise known as the kamikaze candidate scheme. If sharing a few memes with another leadership candidate constitutes a contribution, then running a full-time attack website, dumping NDP research into the campaign cycle definitely constitutes a campaign contribution. That was enough to set off alarm bells for Alberta blogger, David Climenhaga, who shared his concerns via another progressive platform, Rabble. So this is something that we will be looking at. ( As reported in the news.