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Energy Studies: Buildings Program and Heat Pumps

energy studies: Premier John Horgan says helping people keep their homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter makes sense, and the efficiency they're investing in will help B.C. reduce climate pollution, according to CTV. Incentives include a 3,000 rebate for those who switch to high-efficiency electric heat pumps, up to 2,000 in rebates for upgrades on doors and windows and up to 20,000 for energy studies to help identify improvements in commercial buildings. The Better Buildings program offers thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives to entice the switch to high-efficiency heating equipment and improve building envelopes, which include walls, windows, roofs and foundations. The plan allows for 14,100 for a home and 220,000 for a commercial business to make the energy-saving changes. Energy Minister Michelle Mungall says in a news release that energy-efficient buildings are a key part of a cleaner future. The CleanBC program announced last year was part of the agreement Horgan's NDP signed with the B.C. Green party in order to form a minority government in 2017. ( As reported in the news.