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Mac Lauchlan: Addresses Supporters and Election Day

mac lauchlan: Last Tuesday, Prince Edward Islanders not only elected a PC minority government but were sooner ready to consider the Green Party than re-elect Wade Mac Lauchlan's governing Liberals, according to Toronto Star. Progressive Conservative leader Dennis King, accompanied by his wife Jana Hemphill, right, addresses supporters after winning the Prince Edward Island provincial election in Charlottetown on Tuesday. And with that, the inescapable conclusion that the Liberal brand is, if not in crisis, certainly not what it was on Election Day in October, 2015. Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESS For those keeping count of such things, that's five straight conservative victories. And so, it should come as no surprise that outgoing Premier Mac Lauchlan's Liberal campaign opted not to reach out to their cousins in Ottawa for assistance. In four of them, the Liberal vote share dropped to the lowest levels seen, wait for it, since Confederation. ( As reported in the news.