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Building Residents and Single-Income Families

building I would like to thank the hundreds of residents who submitted questions at Building for us to answer over the past three weeks, according to Toronto Star. Here are the top three questions The amount of new home construction in the GTA is driven by factors including natural growth and rural-to-urban migration. The objective is to demystify the development and home-building process in the GTA, and to have a dialogue with residents about the housing challenges facing the region. Richard Lautens / Toronto Star 1. Questions came from a wide range of residents from young and old, to single parents and single-income families. How will the challenge of affordability affect our ability to purchase a home By far the largest number of questions we have received pertain to people's ability to afford a home in the GTA. Questions included the challenges of finding rental properties and the status of purpose-built rental buildings in the region. ( As reported in the news.