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Toronto: Cellphone Data

toronto: Pedestrians use their cellphones in downtown Toronto in this 2015 file photo, according to Toronto Star. Toronto police and RCMP officers deployed controversial surveillance technology in 2014, capturing cellphone data on more than 20,000 bystanders at malls, parks and even a toy store. Toronto police also did not provide answers to the Star's questions on how the force will collect, store, access, or retain third-party data the hundreds or thousands of citizens' unique cellphone data that is swept up in addition to that of a criminal target saying only that policies are still being developed, and will be in place before the device is used. Marcus Oleniuk / Toronto Star File Photo The RCMP has operated IMSI catchers on behalf of municipal or regional forces, including Toronto's. In the three cases for which details are known, Mounties operated the device. In 2018, three years after denying it had ever used IMSI catchers, Toronto police admitted to deploying the technology in five separate investigations, which ranged from a missing person case to a major drugs and guns bust. ( As reported in the news.