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Campaign Workers: Mueller Investigation and Conclusion Mueller

campaign workers: On top of that, there was nothing that rose to the level of a criminal obstruction of justice. ; Trump's heaviest baggage The perception of those two findings leads to one inescapable conclusion Mueller has vindicated Trump, and the president was right all along on the question of collusion with the Russians, according to National Observer. For an administration that has been under a cloud for two years, that is the equivalent of hitting the political jackpot. After two years of wall-to-wall coverage of the Mueller investigation, Americans have been told that neither the president nor any of his campaign workers colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. The reality of what happened this week is very different from the perception created by the rollout of what little information has been released. Which isn't to say it may not be taken as an oasis for conspiracy-fatigued Americans. ; The old saying applies here first impressions are last impressions. For that reason, Trump's claim that the Mueller report amounts to complete and total exoneration is a public relations mirage. ( As reported in the news.