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State Workers: Meeting and Police Officials

state workers: We're not going to collaborate any longer with the dictatorship, Guaido said after a meeting at the offices of an engineers' association in Caracas, according to CTV. He urged state workers to prepare for a strike, though no date was given and he said an immediate priority will be to promote a law guaranteeing rights for public workers. Guaido said police officials were among those at a meeting that he held with leaders of public employee unions, which rely heavily on subsidies from Maduro's government to get by in a country suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of food and other necessities. The 35-year-old leader of the National Assembly said he would call a meeting of the legislature on Wednesday to craft the law. At least one pro-Maduro Supreme Court judge has accused Guaido of illegally usurping power, putting him at risk of arrest. Guaido and his backers say Maduro's re-election last year was invalid, making the legislative leader interim president. ( As reported in the news.