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Mike Duffy: Bayne and Corner Office

mike duffy: Senator Gerstein confirmed that his channel into Deloitte is open and is happy to continue assisting us, Bayne reads to me at one point, according to National Observer. Tanned, with snowy-white hair and the trim build of someone who runs triathlons, the 73-year-old Bayne is one of Canada's top criminal attorneys. The lawyer is in his cluttered corner office at Bayne Sellar Ertel Carter, a downtown Ottawa law firm, located just around the corner from city hall. He's arguably most famous for defending Mike Duffy during the senator's 2015-'16 trial for fraud and bribery leading to Duffy's acquittal. I was trying to find out if an audit commissioned by the Senate into Duffy's expenses, which was carried out by Deloitte, was truly objective and how its findings were leaked to senior members of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's inner circle before the Senate saw them. While researching a story about auditors for The Globe and Mail, I had traveled to Ottawa last spring to meet with Bayne to discuss an overlooked aspect of the Duffy case specifically the role played by Deloitte, Canada's largest auditing and management consulting firm. ( As reported in the news.