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Prison Grounds: Travel Documents and Return Home

prison grounds: He remains a citizen, but New Zealand officials say his detention abroad and apparent lack of travel documents are obstacles to his return and he may face legal consequences for his actions, according to Toronto Star. In this image made from video taken March 3, 2019, captured Islamic State soldier New Zealander Mark Taylor is led through prison grounds in Qamishli, Syria. Mark Taylor is among a half-dozen or so New Zealanders thought to have joined the militant group. Taylor, among a half-dozen New Zealanders thought to have who joined the Islamic State group, has been captured in Syria says he regrets not being able to afford a slave and expects to return home. Taylor told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from a Kurdish prison that after five years with the Islamic State, he fled in December and surrendered to Kurdish forces because life had become unbearable. AP / Australian Broadcasting Corporation Known by the Twitter handle Kiwi Jihadi, Taylor notoriously forgot to turn off Twitter's geotagging function in 2014, alerting outsiders to the location of Islamic State fighters. ( As reported in the news.