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Nato Member: Party and Seat Tally

nato member: And in Estonia, they did, according to CTV. While the centre-right Reform Party, which ran on a low-tax, small-government platform, will be tasked with forming a government, the anti-immigrant, euroskeptic Estonian Conservative People's Party more than doubled its seat tally in parliament. Political observers watched a parliamentary election held Sunday in the Baltic nation, an EU and NATO member that borders Russia, as a continental barometer for whether far-right nationalists would continue making gains. Reform Party leader Kaja Kallas is expected to become the country's first female prime minister after her party finished with 28.8 per cent of the vote. The far-right party nevertheless captured a larger platform for its positions, some of which critics see as homophobic and racist. The party said before the election it would not consider the Estonian Conservative People's Party, or EKRE, as a potential governing coalition partner. ( As reported in the news.