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People: Wilson-Raybould Frames and Rick Salutin

people: Wilson-Raybould frames her position as being determined by her ethnic origin, according to Toronto Star. She makes much of coming from a long line of matriarchs and behaving in accordance with the laws and traditions of her people. However, one aspect of Wilson-Raybould's statements, touched upon by columnists Tanya Talaga and Rick Salutin, deserves to be discussed. Indeed, it has been highlighted that her Kwak'wala name means born of noble people. Her actions, in her own words, would be determined not only or primarily by her analysis of the situation and understanding of legal rules, but at least as much by some innate, hereditary righteousness that allows her to act ethically where other people who do not share her heritage are unable or unwilling to do so. It is striking to see how much this self-characterization harks back to European 19th-century notions of the noble savage, as elaborated by Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. ( As reported in the news.