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Anita Camp: Camp and Propane Cylinders

anita camp: I've got nowhere else to go, according to CTV. That's why I'm here in the first place, he said, adding he has lived in the camp for almost a year and a half. Newton, 28, said he was the last resident to leave Anita Camp, after police and firefighters taped off the area and enforced an evacuation ordered on Saturday. The provincial fire commissioner ordered the evacuation at the request of the city's fire chief, after three fires in the camp in just two days this week exploded propane cylinders and threatened the safety of residents. Any fires before that were minor, but he said one this week destroyed about a quarter of the camp. Newton said the three recent blazes followed several others at the camp that seem to have increased in severity, beginning with one in December that injured his wife. ( As reported in the news.