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Guard Rails: Maga Caps and Racism Rally

guard rails: The red MAGA hats, often seen during the 2016 campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump, are considered by many to be an offensive and provocative symbol of white nationalism, according to National Observer. This confrontation in Toronto came days after a Unite Against Racism rally in Nathan Phillips Square, which paid homage to victims of the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, which left 50 people dead. Between a barricade of police, bicycles and guard rails, anti-fascists shouted at men wearing Make America Great Again MAGA caps in a showdown that lasted all Saturday afternoon. ; The original far-right protest was organized by Patriots of Canada Against the Islamization of The West Pegida Canada a local chapter of a larger international movement that has been attracting and fostering hatred towards Muslims around the world. Several far-right activists attended the vigil and a fight occurred. We are fighting for justice on land with a long history of white supremacy, said a community defence volunteer for Toronto Against Fascism. Between the horns, sirens, and chants of racists go home and shut it down, the hundreds of people who showed up to counter-protest, drowned out the hate-provoking message of the Pegida Canada activists who numbered less than two dozen. ( As reported in the news.