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Caucasus Region: Latter Days and Reason I

caucasus region: That was also the reason I decided to become a policeman because I was exposed during my military service to blood and to fighting that took place in that time, at that area, according to National Observer. A generation later, Kniaziev is the chief of the National Police of Ukraine at a pivotal moment in his country's history. In the latter days of his military service, he was posted to the volatile Caucasus region, where ethnic conflict and strife rose amid the Soviet Union's disintegration. ; I came back to an independent Ukraine, Kniaziev said through a translator on a recent visit to Ottawa. He is now responsible for protecting the integrity of Ukraine's March 31 presidential election. I feel a great sense of responsibility, ensuring the proper elections, said Kniaziev, whose furrowed brow and strapping, thick frame suggests the presence of invisible anvils on each of his broad shoulders. The election faces daily threats from a familiar source a determined Russia bent on using cyberspace to sow disinformation to undermine the democratic ambitions of a country it still considers part of its orbit. ( As reported in the news.