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Group Activity: Mosque Shooting and Job Creation

group activity: Trump also asserts the U.S. is No. 1 in the world on the environment and suggests that Toyota's announcement of U.S. job creation is due to his revised trade agreement with leaders from Mexico and Canada, according to Vancouver Courier. Both claims are problematic. Following a deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand, he said white supremacy isn't a rising danger.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver police honour Mark Tasaka as officer of the yearB.C. broke 26 weather records and Squamish was the hottest place in Canada Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history East Van goes the Shop Wrong way But data including from his own Justice Department point to rising hate group activity while he's been in office. According to several studies, the U.S. lags several countries on air quality. The misstatements came in a week of distorted truth on several fronts. And Trump's proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has yet to take effect and faces uncertain prospects in Congress. ( As reported in the news.