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Anti-Muslim Sentiment: Christchurch Killings and Alexandre Bissonnette

anti-muslim sentiment: Two years after that attack, many Canadian politicians still appear to want to cultivate support within Canada's extreme anti-Muslim right-wing, according to Rabble. In Quebec, for example, Francois Legault has stoked anti-Muslim sentiment with controversial comments and legislation. Despite the fact that Canada had its own national tragedy with Islamophobia on January 29, 2017 when Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire on Muslim worshippers in Quebec City, little has fundamentally changed since. At the national level, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer shared a podium last month with white-nationalist, anti-Muslim groups, and then failed to condemn Islamophobia in his first statement on the Christchurch killings. Canada has a growing number of white nationalists and Islamophobes who congregate online and offline in a long list of right-wing anti-Muslim groups including the Soldiers of Odin, the Three Percenters, and La Meute. While the Christchurch shooter who killed 49 Muslims at prayer had no criminal history, he was an alleged white nationalist and self-described fascist. ( As reported in the news.