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Kind Word: Industry Conference and Cbc President

kind word: The CBC president was musing, at an industry conference in Ottawa last week, about the heyday of the British and French Empires, when if you were the viceroy of India you would feel that you were doing only good for the people of India, according to CBC. Or, if you were in French Africa, you would think I'm educating them, I'm bringing their resources to the world, and I'm helping them.' The comments have since come back to bite her, not because many people have a kind word for imperialism these days but because she was comparing those colonial empires, which invaded and conquered territory by force of arms, to the new empire of Netflix. Patrick Semansky/AP Andrew Coyne February 6, 20199 59 PM ESTFiled under Full Share this story Andrew Coyne Cultural imperialism isn't threatening Canadian identity and cultural nationalism can't save it Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked In There was a time, Catherine Tait was saying, when cultural imperialism was absolutely accepted. As more than one commentator has objected, none of the six million Canadians who subscribe to Netflix was made to do so at the point of a gun. It was, in short, an altogether silly line of argument. Neither is it evident what comparable damage is done by a service that gives willing viewers in this country access to well-made television programs from around the world. ( As reported in the news.