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Border Security: Progress Democrats and Thom Tillis

border security: After a private meeting with border officials Wednesday, Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike emerged with that faintest tinge of optimism that had all but evaporated from the Capitol last month during a 35-day shutdown, according to Rabble. Aides and members point to progress Democrats and Republicans are trading proposals back and forth, negotiating in good faith and trying to find a commonsense middle ground that includes a three-pronged approach to border security a mix of barriers, personnel and technology that both sides can agree on. The signs are promising that a 17-person conference committee is making progress. What we are hearing right now is that they are talking. Thom Tillis of North Carolina told CNN. I know that they are consulting with the White House but I don't know what level of depth they've gotten into. It's not like some of these negotiations where they all come together 24 hours before a deadline and say 'we've reached an impasse' when in fact they haven't even had any meaningful discussions, Republican Sen. ( As reported in the news.