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Jagmeet Singh: Candidate and Party

jagmeet singh: By far, the most commonly cited issue in this byelection was affordable housing, followed by taxes, jobs, the environment and immigration, according to Toronto Star. Clockwise from top left NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, People's Party of Canada candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Conservative Party candidate Jay Shin and Liberal Party candidate Richard Lee during a debate in Burnaby ahead of that riding's byelection later this month. But despite Jagmeet Singh's future hanging in the balance, when the Star hit the suburban city's streets this week as thick snow piled up locals were focused on anything but his prospects. The most prominent candidates in the byelection are the Liberals' Richard Lee, who got a two-day celebrity boost from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, the Conservatives' Jay Shin and the NDP's leader, Singh. Also running are independent candidates Valentine Wu and Terry Grimwood. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, candidate for the new right wing People's Party of Canada, is gaining attention as she hammers the Grits, Tories and New Dems alike on refugees, immigration and carbon taxes. ( As reported in the news.