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Election Night: Term and Plants Roots

election night: A movement digs deep, plants roots, and grows until its objectives are achieved, according to Rabble. There are today no agreed-upon benchmarks to be reached in order to call something a movement No law must be passed, no number of people assembled in the public square. Invoking the term is meant to denote seriousness, to suggest that the activism you are engaged in will not disappear with the passing of the news cycle or be headed off by the most recent tidbit of celebrity gossip. Anyone with a cause can claim the term in order to benefit from the gravity it connotes. The Resistance, the ubiquitous term for all manner of anti-Trump activity, emotion, and intention, came into being shortly after election night in 2016. With such a low barrier to entry, it becomes harder for even the most benevolent social critics to distinguish thoughtful networks of dissent built over time, as the historian Blair L.M. Kelley defines a movement, from those that are branded as such without any effort to be one. ( As reported in the news.