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Government Plan: Research and Academy

government plan: Researchers at the protest handed a petition to academy president and renowned mathematician Laszlo Lovasz, asking him to support keeping their research institutes under the academy's management, according to CTV. The academy oversees some 5,000 researchers in a range of disciplines, from medicine and economics to computer science and astronomy. Several thousand people formed a human chain around the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, urging the academy's leaders to fight the government plan and hold onto their independence. Populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the government's aim is to improve innovation in scientific research and to have publicly funded research projects create a direct economic profit. Our ability to enforce our interests in obtaining significant scientific and innovation funds could be stronger. International innovation rankings show that, unfortunately, Hungary's place is among the weaker performers, Orban said Tuesday in an open letter to researchers. ( As reported in the news.