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Campaign: Government Shutdown and Trump

campaign: But he's not waiting to declare victory, contending at the White House on Wednesday that a wall is being built as we speak, according to Vancouver Courier. Indeed, work on a first barrier extension 14 miles in Texas' Rio Grande Valley starts this month, approved by Congress about a year ago along with money to renovate and strengthen some existing fencing. Trump is expected to grudgingly accept the agreement, which would avert another government shutdown and give him what Republicans have been describing as a down payment on his signature campaign pledge.article continues below Trending Stories Thousands turn out for Downtown Eastside Women's Memorial March in Vancouver Canadians warned to avoid non-essential travel' to parts of Mexico Top 10 things to do with kids on Family Day in Vancouver Vancouver's last remaining porn theatre evolves He said Wednesday that he's still waiting on lawmakers to present him with final legislative language before making a decision. But that's a far cry from the vast wall he promised during his campaign would go up so fast your head will spin. Carried away by his own enthusiasm, perhaps, he added, You are going to have to be in extremely good shape to get over this one. Sounding like he was again in campaign mode, he told a law enforcement group on Wednesday, It's going to be a great, powerful wall. ... The wall is very, very on its way. ( As reported in the news.