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Full-Day Kindergarten: Cuts and Ont .,

full-day kindergarten: The prime minister said he was deeply concerned about comments Ford made Wednesday, refusing to rule out cuts to all-day kindergarten and potentially growing class sizes in the province, according to CTV. Trudeau told the crowd that cuts to education won't help the economy grow or provide opportunity for Canadians. Trudeau made the comments during a wide-ranging town hall meeting Thursday night at a Milton, Ont., high school. But the cuts would also hit home on a personal level, he added. Ford said Wednesday that he isn't guaranteeing that full-day kindergarten will continue beyond the next school year. I'm also a parent who has three kids in the Ontario public school system, he said, adding the potential cuts worry me as a parent who's got his youngest kid in all-day kindergarten right now. ( As reported in the news.