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Corruption Scandal: Bolsonaro and Leaders Sambugaro

corruption scandal: The mood is of immeasurable satisfaction, the diehard 28-year-old bolsonarista gushed this week, according to Rabble. It is wonderful to be able to count on the government, to be able to believe that politics can change, that politics can be more honest, that we can trust our leaders Sambugaro continued, heaping praise on Bolsonaro's early relaxation of gun laws and vow to eradicate corruption. A month into Bolsonaro's reign, he remains on cloud nine. The contentment Brazilians are feeling is just gigantic, thank God. Bolsonaro built his populist assault on the presidency on a Trumpian pledge to drain its political swamp after the worst corruption scandal in its history. But as Bolsonaro marks his first month as president on Friday an anniversary overshadowed by a mining disaster that has claimed at least 99 lives and left 259 people missing not everyone is so sure. ( As reported in the news.