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Emergency Declaration: Members Logging and Shift Funds

emergency declaration: Heading into the weeklong Presidents Day recess, the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi National emergency declaration a legal fight Trump is likely to win Congress allows Violence Against Women Act to lapse High stakes as Trump, Dems open drug price talks MORE D-Calif. is distributing a spreadsheet to members logging a host of wide-ranging local projects potentially threatened by Trump's effort to shift funds from military construction coffers to the border wall.ADVERTISEMENT The list nearly 400 projects long features a number of ventures in GOP districts, according to Rabble. It includes maintenance facilities for F-35 stealth fighters at Eielson Air Force Base outside Fairbanks, Alaska; the operation of a middle school at Fort Campbell, Ky.; and funds to replace a training maze at Fort Bragg, N.C. We have to smoke out as many Republicans as possible by making the case that projects in their backyard are in jeopardy and will likely be raided to help pay for Trump's ineffective and politically motivated wall, said a senior Democratic aide. Yet party leaders are in no immediate rush to show their hand, instead hoping to keep the focus on growing GOP divisions while pressuring more Republicans to oppose the president's unilateral power play. Key congressional Republicans, meanwhile, don't need any nudge from Democrats. Congress has granted the executive branch certain spending authorities. They're already tearing themselves apart over Trump's declaration. ( As reported in the news.