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Ctv Vancouver: Nguyen and Boyfriend

ctv vancouver: Tammy Nguyen said she and her boyfriend, Tom Vo, were on their way to a celebratory Lunar New Year dinner in Quang Ngai, Vietnam on Feb. 9 when they were attacked by two strangers on a motorbike, according to CTV. According to Nguyen, the men threw acid at them before approaching them with a knife and slashing her boyfriend's legs. A B.C. couple is recovering in hospital after suffering serious burns in what they have described as a random and unprovoked acid attack while vacationing in Vietnam. They said something that we couldn't really understand and we both looked to our left and that's when they splashed the acidic water on us, Nguyen told CTV Vancouver via video chat from a hospital room in Bangkok. He just went straight for my boyfriend. I had my purse on me but he didn't come get me. ( As reported in the news.