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Ed Broadbent: Terminal Illness and Brain Surgery

ed broadbent: So it was startling when Dewar revealed in June 2018 that, as he was recovering from brain surgery several months before, he saw news of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that killed 17 people -- and that he abandoned any hope and was ready to give up, according to CTV. Except giving up was never really in Dewar's vocabulary. Despite struggling with dyslexia as a child, getting trounced by Ed Broadbent during his initial foray into politics, losing his seat in the House of Commons in the Liberal wave of 2015 and being diagnosed with a terminal illness, the 56-year-old was infused with a positive, hopeful attitude and belief that the world could be made a better place. Inspired as Parkland students channelled their loss and pain into a rallying cry against gun violence in the U.S., Dewar decided to launch a new initiative to try to empower a new generation of leaders who would work for the greater good. Hopefully, it will help unleash the power of the young people in our community to make a real difference. In a farewell message posted to Facebook after his death, Dewar wrote that true change can only come when power is transferred to young people unburdened by cynicism -- which is why he used what little energy he had left to create Youth Action Now. ( As reported in the news.