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Canadian Stage: Prince Hamlet and Sellout Jain

canadian stage: This sort of mythic play in our canon, according to Toronto Star. And that ability, race and gender were a huge part of that exploration. Jain explained to Ho that casting a male actor in this traditionally female role was part of his particular approach to Shakespeare's iconic play We talked about how it's an examination of who gets to tell the story, says Ho. Actor Jeff Ho will reprise his role as Ophelia in Why Not Theatre's Prince Hamlet. After great reviews and a sellout Jain's company Why Not Theatre has remounted Prince Hamlet for a nationwide tour that opens at Canadian Stage this week, after playing in Banff and Vancouver and en route to Ottawa . So it's true that his joining Prince Hamlet was to some extent, as Ho puts it, the greatest fluke ever. NICK KOZAK FOR THE TORONTO STAR Ho got on board, joining a cast that included a female Hamlet Christine Horne Black female actors playing Gertrude Karen Robinson and Laertes Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah and the deaf female actor Dawn Jani Birley playing Horatio. ( As reported in the news.