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Disinformation Campaigns: News Sources and Future Warfare

disinformation campaigns: In advance of four provincial elections and one federal election coming up in 2019, Canada's director of general military strategic communications is warning that Canadians should be alert for attempts to influence the electorate, especially disinformation campaigns on digital and electronic media, according to Rabble. He urged Canadians to pay close attention to their news sources, to learn to identify fake news, and to support professional, credible, dedicated journalists. The deciding factor in future warfare will be narrative -- whose story wins. There was a time, he said, when newspapers would print columns from both sides of an issue, side by side, so people could compare them. Back then, in the first armed conflict ever telecast live, CNN sent 15 people and tons of equipment to cover the 1990 Gulf War -- the U.S. attack on Saddam Hussein and Iraq over his attack on Kuwait. That was back when people trusted the legacy media. ( As reported in the news.